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Chief Executive Officer

If you are anything like most executive buyers, engaging with sales people in a buying cycle does not sound appealing. A recent study by Qvidian found that 58% of executive buyers disengage with sales teams and stay with the status quo. Why is the “status quo” so appealing, because it appears to be less gut-wrenching than a buying cycle and the subsequent solution deployment and change management that follows. It is no wonder that more than 75% of sales teams fail to deliver quarter-over-quarter performance for the business. As a CEO, whether you come from a product, finance, operations or marketing/sales background in your career, it is incumbent that you model the sales approach that will help a buyer embrace the journey where “status quo” is not even a temptation.

So why do buyers disengage in sales cycles? For the same reason you, as an executive buyer, abhor meetings with sales people: the sales professional is too often pitching you something rather than genuinely seeking to garner an understanding of your challenges and provide insightful value to addressing those challenges. This distaste for buyers is rampant in the marketplace today and has a direct correlation to sustainable revenue growth.

  • Executive decision makers believe only 8% of sales reps are focused on driving a “valuable” outcome for the buyer 1
  • A paltry 13% of corporate buyers believe sales can transform from a product/service sale to a business advisor/thought leader orientation 2
  • The average B2B sales cycle is 22% longer than it was just five years ago 3
  • 78% of sales teams fail to achieve consistent results, where “consistent” is defined as 5 or more consecutive quarters of “Making the Number” 4
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Executive decision makers believe only 8% of sales reps are focused on driving a “valuable” outcome for the buyer
- Forrester Research


78% of sales teams fail to achieve consistent results
- Sales Benchmark Index

To address this ever-present enigma, many chief executives are embarking on a trek to re-constitute their go-to-market operations with a “customer-first” orientation in an effort to establish their sales professionals as “trusted advisors” to the customer. The challenge is, becoming a “trusted advisor” is not a technique that is learned but rather an outcome of reorienting the entire organization’s posture (not just sales) around a simple guiding principle – seek to serve, not to sell™ – where the purpose of every interaction with every prospect/customer by every member of the team is to create more value for that audience.

As momentum for this paradigm shift accelerates, the market has become inundated with tactical programs that provide the basic building blocks – from sales methodology and sales training to social selling and automated marketing campaigns. While Mereo offers these core go-to-market elements as well, they are not enough. Instead, Mereo applies a distinctive approach to ensure that your positioning and messaging articulate the differentiated value of your solution in addressing your buyers’ business, financial and personal pains. Through an accelerated delivery process that engages marketing, sales and solutions in a united front, Mereo helps you gain consensus on an actionable go-to-market strategy tailored to your company’s specific needs and initiate execution of that operating model within days, not weeks or months. Critical to achieving this, Mereo actively engages prospective C-level executives from companies that align with your ideal buyer profile through the Mereo Decision Maker Network™ to validate buyers’ pains, clarify how buyers’ truly evaluate solutions and confirm your “differentiators” are truly unique and compelling in the buyers’ mind.

Sources: 1 Forrester Research; 2 Selling Power/Annuitas Group; 3 Madison Logic; and 4 Sales Benchmark Index

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Chief Sales Officer

Revenue champions in today’s selling climate are at a crossroads as the tried and true methods that have delivered sustainable revenue growth for years are being called into question as buyers’ behaviors are changing. Yet, while pundits may claim solution selling is dead, market reality reveals that the tenets it expounds are more alive than ever – though operating in a more vibrant environment where the trends are alarming.

  • Buyers complete 57% of the buying process before engaging a seller 1
  • A whopping 89% of meetings are deemed failures by the prospects 2
  • Only 13% of clients believe a typical sales rep understands their business issues and can articulate how to solve them 3
  • Executive buyers value industry expertise 4X more than product knowledge 4
  • Sales reps waste 2 days per week creating their own messaging and tools 5

As sales leaders we are in the precarious position of guiding sales professionals of all levels of tenure and skill through this paradigm shift – either to our advantage or dictated by it. So how do we ensure that every interaction our sales teams have with clients and prospective clients is wrapped in value for our audience? Why are we not currently able to engage in a relevant dialogue with our clients about the underlying root causes of their issues so the buyers gain insight from the conversation? How much of sales reps’ time is wasted while we use ill-conceived sales tools created “on-the-fly” because marketing has not delivered what we need?

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A whopping 89% of meetings are deemed failures by the prospects
- Forrester Research


Sales reps waste 2 days per week creating their own messaging and tools
- CMO Council

At its very core, sales excellence is about a sales professional fostering a relationship with a buyer as the sales professional:

  • Guides the buyer through a deeper understanding of their real challenges; and
  • Helps the buyer navigate solution options available to address those challenges.

With these essential principles of sales in mind, Mereo’s solutions for building a scalable sales performance platform combine the critical assets of sales operations (e.g. sales governance, territory management and compensation strategy) with sales enablement disciplines including solution knowledge, sales skills training and sales kits/tools. Ideally these fundamentals are architected around ideal buyer personas, the pains those audiences are experiencing and differentiated messages that will help your sales teams engage in relevant dialogues with your prospects and clients alike. Critical to achieving this, Mereo actively engages prospective C-level executives from companies that align with your ideal buyer profile through the Mereo Decision Maker Network™ to validate buyers’ pains, clarify how buyers’ truly evaluate solutions and confirm your “differentiators” are truly unique and compelling in the buyers’ mind. Throughout the entire program, we partner with your sales leadership to instill accountability with your sales professionals and thereby unleash sustainable revenue performance for years to come.

Sources: 1 Corporate Executive Board/Sirius Decisions; 2 Forrester Research; 3 Forrester Research; 4 Sirius Decisions; and 5 CMO Council

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Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing leaders find themselves in a precarious position in most B2B organizations. First, CMOs are chartered by the CEO to identify and activate the most profitable routes-to-market for the company’s solutions. Second, the direct sales team is their primary “customer”.

What is so daunting about that situation? As a marketing executive, I need to be a 50/50 partner with the head of sales. In most B2B organizations, this means direct sales – where lead generation, lead nurturing, sales tools and sales enablement are the name of the game – yet we do not have the bandwidth to get ahead of sales and lead the revenue train. Juxtapose that reality with the all too common reality that my return on marketing investment (ROMI) is crashing. Marketing automation systems are not getting it done, budgets are tight and we are inundated with new marketing channels to leverage – from social media to interactive to mobile – while the traditional ones still marketing’s support. You are not alone. And the data backs it up.

  • While 53% of B2B buyers say they follow social media group discussions, just 14% say they connect directly with solution providers 1
  • The average win-rate for referral-based leads is 63% 2
  • 80% of disqualified leads are won by you (or your competition) within 24 months 3
  • Executive buyers say 28% of sellers focus on listening for a keyword or phrase and then launch into a scripted pitch 4
  • As much as 90% of the sales kit assets marketing creates for sales go unused 5
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The average win-rate
for referral-based leads
is 63%
- Sales Benchmark Index


80% of disqualified
leads are won by you
(or your competition) within 24 months
- Sirius Decisions

As a marketing executive, how do I embrace these scenarios and turn them to a competitive weapon? Are we really able to “generate” demand or are we just capturing demand through more effective methods? I know my sales team has the capacity, but do they have the capability to actually employ value-based prospecting campaigns themselves? Why have we not been successful in leveraging our partner and customer communities to source and accelerate more business? Can we “revenue enable” our sales channels to engage in meaningful conversations with buyers across the entire buying cycle?

The essence of marketing in powering extraordinary sales performance is all about enabling your sales channels to win an unfair share of pursuits by aligning your compelling story precisely to the buyer’s needs.

  • Equipping salespersons to engage directly in prospecting and demand progression.
  • Positioning sales channels with differentiated messages with compelling value.
  • Enabling sales resources at the point-of-sale with tools and techniques to win.

With these fundamental principles of marketing in mind, Mereo’s solutions for building a marketing foundation to power revenue performance align marketing programs with market demand based on differentiated messaging that distinguishes you in your buyer’s mind from the first interaction until your sales team wins the pursuit. Critical to achieving this, Mereo actively engages prospective C-level executives from companies that align with your ideal buyer profile through the Mereo Decision Maker Network™ to validate buyers’ pains, clarify how buyers’ truly evaluate solutions and confirm your “differentiators” are truly unique and compelling in the buyers’ mind.

Sources: 1 DemandGenReport; 2 Sales Benchmark Index; 3 Sirius Decisions; 4 Forrester Research; and 5 American Marketing Association

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Revenue Performance Blueprint

Demand Progression

The first of the four operational disciplines of the Revenue Performance Blueprint™ is Demand Progression, in which you garner the mindshare of your ideal buying audience, capture and nurture demand with them and engage those buyers in a buying journey on their terms while infusing consistent discipline to mitigate sales cycle risk.
  • Audience Readiness: Market awareness, perception and thought leadership as it pertains to the targeted audience demographic and solution focus
  • Demand Development: Lead generation and demand capture campaigns coupled with sales discovery and lead nurturing capabilities to create and advance pipeline opportunities
  • Sales Process Alignment: Aligning your sales process to the buying cycle, competitive environment and solution to deliver predictable profitable revenue

Solutions Marketing

The second of the four operational disciplines of the Revenue Performance Blueprint™ is Solutions Marketing, in which you package your offerings to proactively identify and intensify the pains of your ideal buying audiences and then respond to those pains with a differentiated solution that delivers a compelling value proposition reinforced through client proof points.
  • Power Profile Identification: Pinpointing your target market including industry, location, size and buyer personas, how they buy and your understanding of their business, financial and personal pains
  • Positioning & Messaging Readiness: Market position and messaging framework necessary to effectively win an unfair share™ of opportunities
  • Client Advocacy: Programs, processes and sales assets that communicate compelling client proof points in support of your differentiated value proposition

Sales Operations

The third of the four operational disciplines of the Revenue Performance Blueprint™ is Sales Operations, in which you design (architect) and institute a go-to-market infrastructure across your sales channels that enforces consistent disciplines, regularly examines allocation of resources to prioritized market segments and rewards team and individual performance.
  • Sales Governance: Consistent adoption and enforcement of a sales methodology, supporting systems and demand progression reporting
  • Territory Management: Segmentation of the target market, allocation/prioritization of scarce sales resources and the enforcement of congruent territory planning
  • Compensation Strategy: Incentivizing the appropriate behavior and results from all customer-facing professionals to achieve both short-term profitable revenue objectives and sustainable long-term growth

Sales Enablement

The fourth of the four operational disciplines of the Revenue Performance Blueprint™ is Sales & Channel Enablement, in which you hone the skills of your customer-facing teams through regular role-play exercises and equip those same resources with industry and solution insight and tools that will help them connect with your buyers in relevant dialogues.
  • Sales Skills: Requisite sales techniques and related activities of sales and other customer-facing professionals required for revenue performance scalability
  • Solution Knowledge: Enabling the sales and customer-facing professionals with applicable and relevant industry, business process and solution insight
  • Sales Kit & Sales Tool Maturity: The development, currency and accessibility of relevant and compelling customer-facing assets for your sales channels

About Mereo

For companies whose go-to-market initiatives are underperforming in driving sustainable revenue growth, Mereo helps clients instill consistency, accountability and a sense of urgency in their revenue performance motions by effectively balancing the interdependent operational disciplines of demand progression, solutions marketing, sales operations and sales enablement. As a result of leveraging Mereo’s revenue performance services, more than 100 market leaders have unleashed revenue performance through increased win-rates, higher average sales prices, accelerated sales cycles, more accurate pipeline forecasts, shorter time to revenue positive for new hires and remarkable improvements in marketing’s contribution to sales revenue.

At Mereo, our philosophy has always been straight-forward and simple as we are grounded by a fundamental and powerful principle: seek to serve not to sell™. What does that look like? Simply, sales’ foremost purpose must be to deliver value to the customer while marketing’s entire existence is to arm sales in realizing this endeavor. In embracing this core tenet, Mereo’s clients win more, they win faster, they win bigger and, most importantly, they create more value for their customers by more effectively bringing the best solutions in the marketplace to organizations desperately needing them.

Through a programmatic approach tailored to each organization, Mereo’s clients are transformed into revenue-generating engines molded using eye-opening workshops, go-to-market training sessions, hard-hitting tactics and lots of tough love. But more than anything, results are powered by a dedicated team of professionals who dig deep and immediately integrate into our client’s operations to shape the revenue performance model for their business.

The Mereo team brings a stellar reputation of delivering breakthrough success, having led the marketing and sales teams of high-performing companies such as PeopleSoft, i2 Technologies, JD Edwards, Tatum, AT&T, IBM, Sterling Commerce, Siebel, TAS Group, SAP and others by enabling sales channels with winning positioning, messaging and the interdependent methodologies, tools and skills needed to achieve phenomenal revenue growth. For Mereo’s clients, this seasoned team of operating executives blends a unique mix of consultative skills, operational practices and fractional leadership services to achieve sustainable results.

News Room

Mereo Careers

Join us. Why? Because the lifeblood of revolutionizing revenue performance is bringing an unassailable savvy and work ethic to the unique situations of each of our clients.

As we continue our extraordinary growth, we are always looking for the most talented and decorated leaders in the sales and marketing disciplines to join us on this journey. With Mereo, you have a distinct career opportunity to engage with an envious set of clients – from industry luminaries such as Ariba and Pitney Bowes to emerging challengers such as Appirio and OKI Data.

If you have demonstrated – repeatedly – the ability to fuse marketing and sales into a force that realizes breakthrough success, then we invite you to submit yourself for consideration. Even if we do not have immediate openings today that align with your remarkable capabilities and character, we are constantly seeking out the best people. Mereo provides challenging engagements and remarkable growth opportunities in a focused, collaborative environment with a competitive salary, benefits package and perks. Mereo is an equal opportunity employer, and does not discriminate professionally or personally based on age, gender, race, nationality, religion or disability.

Clients’ Careers

Mereo’s clients are continually tapping our network of stellar sales and marketing leaders to fuel their growth. For candidates, only Mereo offers direct access to top-performing companies with a scalable go-to-market platform already in place, a recipe for high-performance and incredibly personal satisfaction. We encourage you to explore our client’s open positions and submit your resume online.

With a multitude of candidates available on the market today, companies must have a keen eye for identifying the exceptional performers that can immediately impact their organization’s revenue performance. Mereo helps companies around the world navigate these turbulent times through a unique combination of  savvy candidate assessment and qualification coupled with a world-class network of the best sales and marketing professionals. The result is equally unique – the right candidate(s) based on the deal profile, delivered in weeks.

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